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Dr. Simoncini has a natural cancer therapy

that treats cancer as a fungus.

Dr. Simoncini Page!

Dr. Simoncini treats cancer as a fungus. To kill the cancer, he uses a 5% sodium bicarbonite (Baking Soda) solution. Mixing ratios and how to inject this solution around or into the tumor is all on his web site.

My research on the following topic of using High doses of Vitamin C to treat cancer was found by googling the phrase, "treatment of cancer with vitamin C."

I just heard on the Michael Savage show, Feb 5th. that a person with cancer that went to a german hospital and was treated by large doses of Vitamin C. He was cured and wrote a book. I'll try to get more information shortly.

Initial web research is stating this is not the case, should require more investigation. Including the Mayo Clinic which has a lot to loose by research funding.

Ref: Scott.net

But more internet research by the Riordan Clinic that its the best antiviral agent around. If used in the proper doses it can neutralize and eliminate a wide range of toxins.

Some doctors believe that a lack of vitamin C can lead to cancer formation.

The National Institute of Health has published evidence of Vitamin C has anti-cancer properties.

The Los Angeles Times on Feb. 6th 2014 that high doses of Vitamin C help the effect of chemo-drugs in rats and the side effects of chemo in humans! Dr. Linus Pauling 2 time Nobel Prize winner one in Chemistry. Claims the benefits of IV Vitamin C to fight cancer. Evidence has shown that cancer patients has a Very Low amount of Vitamin C in their system. They did not give much information on how they treat cancer on the home page. Did have several video testimonies.

This clinic that does Alternative cancer treatment is Sunridge Medical Clinic, in Arizona (480) 659-9135

WebMD on their page states: IV Vitamin C Boots Chemo's Cancer -Fighting Power?         Test deal with ovarian cancer treatment.

The Web Page DoctorYourself.com Is about a Canadian doctor, has treated treminal ill patients with high doses of Vitamin C. They have increased patients longevity from 5.7 months to 100 months. And claims that Vitamin C should be part of every cancer tratment program. by Abram Hoffer M.D. Ph.D

Please research the facts about CoQ-10 which strength the body against side effects of chemo. I like to say that CoQ-10 opens the window wider for chemo to kill the cancer cells and not kill the body.

CoQ-10 is also very good to strengthing the heart. This is its primary importance.

For the rest of the page, I will be giving out health tips and alerts.

Mike's Health Tips

I myself have to loose weight, which has been a life long struggle. That doesn't mean I can not give out my wisdom over the many years.

For allergies, their is nothing like Burdock Root. Its a blood purifier, Was in Walgreens, but its hard to find now adays.

The insulin and Metformin is NOT controlling my Blood Sugar enough. So I'm taking Cinnamon, Chromium, B-3, Magnesium and 1000 mg of Vitamin C. and a Multi-Vitamins, will see if my A1C goes down.

The Nurse said to me is to drink more water to help lower my A1C, OK I will try to drink atleast 1 gallion aday. Well I do like Kool Aid.

Beware of Fish Health Tips!

This next report is from Dr. OZ

Our Oceans and Lakes are getting more loaded with Toxins. The bigger the fish, usually the more toxins are build up in the fish. Alge absorbs mercury. Which then the fish eat and bigger fish eat the smaller fish, up the food line. It seems Salmon is the fish that has the less toxins and the most Omega-3 Fatty acids. Tuna is becoming the news fish to avoid. Especially Albecore Tuna!

Most toxins settle to the bottom where alge absorbs it. But Mussels and catfish are bottom feeders too. I think fish from China and Japan should be avoided because of their pollution is much higher than ours. Also Fresh water fish should be less toxic than ocean fish. Just my ideas. The FDA saids that we should not eat Albecore Tuna more than once per week and other tuna no more than twice per week! I'm wondering about Shrimp.

I'm going to search online to see if their is a simple tests for Mercury levels. The best one I found cost $85, this includes a lab test. The organization is Mercout.com and uses the Provoked Urine Challenge The provoking agent is called DMPS which has been used by the 1950 they claim.

I found them by googling, "home test kit for mercury". Amazom seems to have a lot on this also.

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