Computer Tips for slow computers

To help speed up a slow computer there are usually several things you can do quickly. Slow computers

    Delete your temporary Internet files
  1. Go to Control Panel
      look under Internet Options
    2. DELETE Browsing History
  2. On the bottom right hand side of your screen is called the tray.
  3. Close as many of these icons as you can, they use up computer resources.
  4. Close programs you are not using.
  5. Get more memory on your computer which is called RAM.

  • Ctrl Key + a : Select All
  • Ctrl Key + b : Bold
  • Ctrl Key + s : Save work
  • Ctrl Key + c : Copy selection
  • Ctrl Key + x : Cut selection
  • Ctrl Key + v : Paste
  • Ctrl Key + z : Undo
  • Shift Key + : Change Case

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