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The Vacation Give away Contest will end Aug 30th. By filling in the information you will get 1 entry. But you can earn a lot more entries! If you sign-up for My $1Business, you will get 10 extra entries! Videos of my company are below.

You can earn even more entries!

Once you get an unique ID from our company, you ask your friends to sign up for my Vacation Give away and you get 5 more entries! If they (the person who you shared it with) sign up for My $1 Business, you get an additional 5 entries! For a total of 16 entries for one person signing up in My $1Business that you shared with.

If you did not signup with my company, no loss, use 2get as your unique ID, but then you have to email me to tell me who you shared my entry page with, to give you credit. I need their name and contact number. You deserve the credit.

My Email is: joinmike39@gmail.com

The person who signs up, get 11 entries and can get more enties too. By sharing with other people.

It will make my life so much easier for you to signup in my company for $1 and get an unique ID from the company.

I will be checking emails to make sure they are valid emails. Invalid emails and fake people will cost you 20 entries! Happens a second time your name is dropped. Sorry, but if this takes off, I will have my hands full with admin work.

The Winner

4 Days 3 Nights Package Drawing! 4 Adults or 2 Adults (21+) and 2 kids. Places Orlando, Las Vegas, Gatlinburg TN., Williamsburg West Virgina, and Branson Missouri. Their might be some bookimg fees for Orlando and Las Vegas. could be arrounf $25 - $40.

You will get a certificate that must be redeemed within 7 day to activate it! Then you have 1 year to use it.

4 videos about our company:

  1. How it works
  2. Bucket List
  3. Join My $1 Business
  4. More Benefits as you grow in the company.
Thank You for your time and consideration.

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