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All my health tips and info is based on what I saw or advice from a friend or research on line. I'm not a doctor, I have a BSE. What I put out is my personal ideas, hopefully accurate info. But please make your own decision by your research. Hopefully I can point you in the right direction. The doctor I follow the most is Dr. Eric Berg. He has a bunch of YouTube videos covering many different topics. Including Type 1 & 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance, low energy and a 104 questioner to diagnose health problems. I will try to get some links up in the future.

He is a big fan of juicing and the KETOemergenic diet. There are a lot of YouTube videos on this topic so go watch all you can. On this diet you are to go down to 20 grams of carbs a day. That is very low and eat 7 cups of vegetables a day.

I have found a Faith Healer that I feel is on the level. His name is Dr. Issam Nehem. He an office in Ohio. More info on his Web Page.

How can you eat an egg and absorb less cholesterol? The most important thing to do is not break the yoke when cooking. There is a small membrane around the yoke, air and heat will oxidize the cholesterol and make it easy for the body to absorb the cholesterol. So the best way to eat an egg:

  1. Hard Boil
  2. Poach <;i>sunny side up
  3. The worst ( scrambled or an omelet)

Insulin advice: Lantis ™ ™ is a slow acting insulin. Novo Log™ is a fast acting insulin, Did you know they have a compatibility issue? I have been on these 2 insulin's for several years. The doctor never told me this, my #1 bridge partner told me this. You should use separate needles and inject these 2 insulin's in different parts of the body away from each other. That was news to me!

Cancer alternative treatments

I do not have cancer, But if I did, I would do a whole lot of herbal remedies before Kemo, radiation or surgery. On late night radio a long time ago this doctor came on and he talked about treating some forms of cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate solution, Baking Soda. His name is Dr. Sircus. I would do his treatments first before the doctors gets their claws in me. Also read the Arm & Hammer ™ Baking Soda box for prevention of cancer. www.drsircus.com/

My Diabetic Diet

My Diabetic Diet is working very well and my belly is loosing inches and my blood sugar is down 100 pts on average, can't wait for my next A1C test. I'm taking less insulin (novo log) which is the fast acting type.

On my Diabetic Diet I follow Dr. Berg Apple Cider Vinegar diet for the most part. You start off with 3 meals a day. Before each meal you take 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar and a table spoon of lemon juice and a table spoon of cranberry juice, in a glass of water. This drink targets belly fat. 3 to 6 oz. (sometimes 8oz) of meat and salad and vegetables. No (rice, pasta, bread or sugar, or fruit) Dr. Berg uses a high sugar cranberry juice (like 32gr of carbs. for an 8 oz serving), Not Me, I use Old Orchard - Healthy Balance Cranberry Juice, (4gr of carbs. for an 8 oz serving), Oh Yes! I try to shoot for 6-7 cups of vegetables a day. This is really important because it is the vegetables that makes you feel full, along with the fat and protein in the diet. I go down to 20 - 50 grams of carbs a day and eat 7 cups of vegetables a day.

What this diet also tries to do is Not spike your blood sugar. That is why I test my blood sugar 30 - 60 min after I eat before I take my novo log insulin, At times my blood sugar was 135 after eating, so how much insulin you take depends on you and your doctor to works out.

Were not done.

Back in the summer of 2017, the neuropathy in my feet was unbearable, so I searched YouTube to fine remedies to help with the pain. I found several teas that lower blood sugar that will a leave my pain in my feet. One was a tea from the insulin plant. The tea name is gymnema tea , ref ( Enjoyingtea.com) another one was a tea made from bitter melon. Also when you take cinnamon in your tea it will help lower blood sugar! I told my primary doctor about cinnamon and she said that's nothing new, and I said, Gee why didn't you tell me this 35+ years ago, why keep it a secrete.

One day I didn't take any metformin or insulin and my blood sugar went up to 352. I then took the gymnema tea (www.EnjoyingTea.com) with cinnamon. After 30 min my blood sugar dropped 68 points! I take a glass of one of these teas a day with my cinnamon. I also take 2 supplements one is Magnesium and the other is Chromium and Vanadium. Follow the links above to order it.

On Neuropathy Pain:

This is all I have for now.

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