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My main Theme for my Web Page is helping people save Money online and in restaurants. Most of all online at Amazon. For example: I just bought this refurbished Dell 6430 laptop for $199-$10-$6-$50 (8 GB of Ram) and a 320GB hard drive, when other computers were selling for the same price with only 4GB of RAM.

That is a 33% savings! My first stop on my quest for a new laptop was to visit EBater.com To look at which companies have rebates and how much. I wanted to spend less than $200.

I wanted Windows 10 OS but will settle for Windows 7. Dell had the best prices for a 6430 Laptop. The first page was all Dell 6430's with only 4GB of RAM. Not good enough! On the second page the first 3 computers were all of the same. But the 4th computer had 8GB of RAM for the same $199 price! Bought that Jan 2. with free shipping! 4 GB more RAM is a $50 value. Then a 3% EBate rebate ($6) and an extra $10 for first time using EBates! By increasing RAM, increases computer performance! I heard you can also buy discount credit cards on line, but personally I have not tried this.

Good Deals on Restaurant Surveys and eating out

The best survey by my estimate is Burger King Survey. Go online and answer the questions, get the code for the month. Then when you buy a small fry and a drink you get a Free Whopper! You save $3.00! The second on is Popeye's take the survey, get the code. Bring it in, order a large drink and get 2 pieces of chicken and biscuit free! Your cost is around $2.25. Long John Silvers, fill out the survey and get a free fish. Any more great survey ideas contact me below.

I just found A Great Deal, 1-17-18 was the first time I went to Culver's Butter Hamburgers and Ice Cream pallor. Well I have not tried the hamburgers yet, but they have a flavor of the day sale! Ask them what it is, if you do not like it, you can always get chocolate or vanilla waffle cone for just $1.00! what a Great Deal!

This is all I have for now.

I hope this information was useful and you can say Thank You by Shopping at Amazon in my account.

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